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The West Hillhurst Community Association (WHCA) provides an outlet for community members to join in all the services and events throughout the year in the extensively equipped facility.

WHCA is looking to collaborate and partner with local businesses within the community for the 2018 year, in hopes to give our members exclusive discounts.    By providing promotional deals to our members, it will further tighten the relationship of local business and community members.  It will give your company an edge with advertising within the West Hillhurst area.

By partnering with the WHCA, we can provide the following:

–         Company name and logo on website
–          Direct linking to companies homepage
–          Information about discount on ‘benefits’ page
–          Company name, logo,  promotional discount & website URL to be published within the Warbler (monthly community newsletter)
–          Company staff will save 15% off tickets to annual WHCA Taste of the Neighbourhood event


Is your company looking for further advertising opportunities?  WHCA offers additional marketing opportunities such as adding the company logo to the hockey arena boards and areas of the center’s gym.

For more information, please contact