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Karen’s passion for fitness started in 2008 when she walked into her first group fitness dance class! She was hooked by the energy, the moves and how great she felt afterwards! This inspired her to become certified as a group fitness instructor in 2009. Since then she’s had the opportunity to teach numerous formats of group classes such as: Into to Strength Training, Cardio, Core and various forms of Bootcamps. In 2013 Karen became certified in Indoor Cycling and has been leading classes in musical rides through hills, mountains, and sprints.

To add to her repertoire, during the summer of 2014 Karen became certified in TRX Group Suspension and obtained her Personal Training certification. Throughout her journey, Karen has always believed that fitness of the mind, body and soul is an ongoing process, which you can accomplish one step at a time!!


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Instructor & Personal Trainer 55+

Kiran has always had her hand in fitness from the early age of 12 when she took her first fitness class at the local YMCA.  Ever since then and despite ‘life’ taking over, she has tried to incorporate fitness into her daily routine whether it be training on her own, taking yoga classes or playing organized sport.  Kiran left the Corporate world to pursue her true passion, assisting those who are reigniting their love for fitness or those finding it for the first time.  She is an AFLCA certified instructor with a simple philosophy – straighten the body before strengthening it.  She places a strong emphasis on body alignment and guides her participants on proper movement patterns.  Her classes are designed for you to work at your own pace while still ensuring you get an effective cardio vascular and strength conditioning workout.   No matter what your fitness goals are, Kiran’s classes are tailored to help you meet and exceed your goals on the journey to mentally and physically stronger YOU!

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Yoga Instructor

Vandana Gupta is a certified Iyenger Yoga instructor. She believes in simpliscity. She recieved her 200 hour RYT certification from the Yoga Studio NW. For her, yoga is life. It keeps you healthy, connects body to the mind, and keeps you positive. Most importantly, yoga is a way to connect with the self; the higher consciousness of who we truly are- the core essence of being, rather than doing.

Vandana has been practicing yoga for five years, and has studied yoga in Delhi, India. Her training is in Iyenger yoga, focusing not only on Asanas (postures), but on the importance of Pranayamas (act of breath). Through her class, she believes to help students find their inner strength, confidence, and acceptance. As yoga is derived from the word “YOG” (union); she hopes to guide the students to merge both body and mind.

Being yogin, Vandana enjoys traveling- a lover of nature.


Yoga Instructor

Sabina worked as a professional English Language teacher and an interpreter for a number of companies in Kazakhstan. Teaching English to students and preparing them for International English tests was a strong passion for Sabina. Interacting and sharing knowledge of the English language and art of communication brought her to the passion of teaching, sharing knowledge through positive communication.

After completing her training at Sunshine Yoga Academy, Sabina decided she wanted to share the knowledge she gained throughout her practice with everyone. Sabina is also a ballet dancer at Jeunesse Classical Ballet Company in Calgary. Her experiences with dancing led her to become familiar with yoga, and Sabina could see what powerful effect yoga had on her dancing and her well being in general.

Mirta, her yoga teacher and follower of Himalayan philosophy, opened Sabina’s eyes and deepened her knowledge of how the human body and mind are connected, as well as how spirituality and mentality affect our body physically.

Helping people connect both physically and mentally is something that drives Sabina in becoming an active yoga instructor.





​​Deana Michtich holds a Bachelors degree in Physical Education from the University of Calgary.  She is a certified “Older Adult” and “Group Exercise Leader with designation in Choreography.” She is also a licensed “Zumba” and “Zumba Gold” instructor. After 25 years of working in the field of recreation, she is a big believer of incorporating fun and play into the fitness world.   She presently teaches older adult fitness to a variety of clubs with WHCA being the youngest of them all. Deana fell I love with Zumba in 2011.  She decided to become a “Zumba Gold” instructor after missing her older fun loving Zumba cronies.  She felt it was essential to provide a Zumba class that was suited to individuals who needed/wanted  a more easy going, fun workout.

“You don’t stop laughing because you grow old.  You grow old because you stop laughing”




Dawn has been a fitness instructor for 24 years, beginning with Ski Conditioning and Hi/Lo Aerobics way back in the early ‘90s, but she soon discovered Cycling/Spin which is a great passion for her, and she’s been instructing the Friday noon Cycle Class at Eau Claire Y for 19 years now!  More recently, Dawn has become interested in Mind-Body training (Pilates & Fusion specifically), Seniors fitness, and anything Core related!  With a passion for helping people see positive changes in their fitness levels and overall outlook, Dawn enjoys meeting new participants and assisting them with their fitness goals.  In her spare time, Dawn loves to travel with her honey and their 2 adventuresome kitties in their RV.



​​Lisa Frances became passionate about fitness when she was 19 years old. She started her fitness journey using home based DVD’s, specifically a cardio kickboxing program called Turbo Jam, leading to her weight loss of 40 pounds.Over the years, she has fallen in love with the fitness industry and has become certified for the same program she lost her weight doing! Lisa’s newest fitness passion is her POUND class! She loves the idea of combining the creation of music and getting exercise. Lisa is interested in furthering her career by dedicating herself to empowering woman to feel more confident with themselves.



Morgan naturally found herself in an instructor role in her teens, finding joy in teaching swimming lessons. As her life shifted away from athletics and more toward fitness, she found herself collaborating her love of leading and well being in the form of an Aquafit instructor. In 2012, she had the opportunity to teach with water cycling bikes, which sparked her love of spinning (both in water and on land) and seeking the newest, funnest and sweatiest ways to get fit.
She took some time out of the spotlight to build a family, but now with two growing toddlers at home, she has put her heart back in the industry. Morgan is ready to take her passion from water to land! She is an energetic instructor that is hooked on taking the familiar and infectious energy of a group, to push you to your limits and have you coming back for more, with a smile. She is excited to bring barre back to the club and other fresh new favourites!



In her professional life, Sandra holds a diverse background in nursing, leadership; balanced in her personal life with a broad range of wellness oriented interests like hiking, cycling and gardening. Sandra holds a background in personal coaching, meditation and spin training. “Starting our day with focus and self-awareness, walking over lunch, coupled with moderate exercise each day, helps us all to enjoy a happy life at home and at work”. Sandra is proud of her 27 year marriage and is proud Mom to two active teams who enjoy speed skating and hockey who all reside in our neighbourhood.
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Anna started playing Squash in University, while completing her Bachelor of Physical Education. She has been playing  competitively ever since, including playing for Alberta at three National teams tournaments and at three Master’s National teams tournaments. Anna has her level 2 NCCP teaching certificate. She taught Squash at Bankers Hall Club in Calgary and was the coach for two regional teams at the Alberta Winter Games 2000 & 2002, as well as the female coach for Team Alberta at the Canada Winter Games in 2003.

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