Current Project: Arena Renovation


Arena Project Update


As discussed during our AGM in November, the City administration has recognised the need to support WHCA’s plight to renovate our ageing facility and arena.

We were very pleased to hear this news and are grateful that funds to the amount of CAD$3.54m have been made available to enable us to enhance community services to our community and beyond.

As we have been learning more over the last 6 months, we now understand that the method of providing these funds was facilitated through the ACER program. This enabled acceleration of future year’s budgets to be spent in 2016. The approval of this approach happened as part of the approval of the City’s 2016 budget by council on November 25th. 2015.

More information on the City’s budget and the ACER program can be found here:

As the City of Calgary is administering our arena project as the sole project / construction managers, the control and influence the Community Association has on the planning, execution and outcome is very limited.

Our main role in this project is to keep ourselves as informed as possible and communicate what we learn with our community and other stakeholders.

Project Progress

Towards the end of February 2016, the city assigned a project manager with whom the capital project committee has been in touch periodically with since the middle of March.

To date the activities have focused on refining the scope of work that was initially identified as part of the engineering studies conducted in the second half of 2015.

During the scope refinement, a couple of major areas have been identified that could potentially have a significant bearing on the scope, schedule or cost of the project:

  • Roofing. Whilst having a detailed look at the Arena’s roof support, the engineers have discovered a requirement for additional structural support to bring it up to the current Alberta Building Code. As a result, the initial estimation of the renovation of the roof is proving to be vastly underestimated.
  • Ground work. A preliminary geotechnical investigation of the ground around the arena’s concrete slab was performed. A more precise assessment needs to take place under the ice slab itself. Since this work includes drilling large cores and bringing up sub-surface materials, the arena needs to be closed for this work to take place.

Once the details of both of these items is more fully understood the full project plan, including scope, schedule and tendering to suppliers can start to materialize.  The city’s project manager estimates that we are still 5-6 weeks away from this milestone.

Current Plan Going Forward

We are still waiting for the city to provide us with a detailed schedule and user impacts.

We have received the initial drawings and scoping document but do not know yet how the renovation project will impact our facility users into the New Year.

As you can read from the above there are a number of uncertain factors that require further clarification.

What we do know is that the Arena needs to be closed by July 11th 2016 in order for the detailed geo-technical assessment to take place and that it will stay closed until at least the end of the year.

As and when updated information becomes available the capital projects committee will continue to share this with our stakeholders.

In the meantime, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to direct them to:


Richard Raap

On behalf of the WHCA Capital Projects Commitee