“Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years” – Unknown

Chairperson: Chris Koper at garden@westhillhurst.comLetters pinned to a white wall

Our community garden expert, Chris Koper, designed the WHCA courtyard with the students at Senator Patrick Burns Junior High School. The school secured a grant with Co-op Community spaces;


Learn how to grow amazing potatoes by clicking HERE

Garden Plot

WHCA Garden Plots 

The front of West Hillhurst Community Association has a beautiful patio consisting of 23 garden beds, benches, a library, and a picnic table for community use. Let’s work together, grow together, learn together! We celebrate individuality and inclusiveness with gardeners of all ages. If you love to grow vegetables but don’t know how or have no space, we can help! We also have a full schedule of gardening seminars to help all levels of gardeners. Purchase a seasonal garden bed plot this year.

Available after April 1st 2017

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                                                             All participants must sign up for a volunteer position with the gardens in addition to properly maintaining their own plot all season.

        Click here to sign up for your garden plot volunteer position

Growing Up From the Grassroots Up Fund

The garden committee is giving away one garden bed to a child each year.
Click Here for Specifications and How to Apply!

Volunteer With Our Garden Club! 

 There is plenty of opportunity to get involved with our Community Association gardens. We could use extra hands taking care of the communal beds,  helping with garden activities for kids, and with our gardening events. Click above to be redirected to our signup genius page which lists all volunteer opportunities.

Thank  you! WHCA Green Committee


Educational Opportunities for Community Gardeners

TalkSpeakerDateTimeCost Registration
Seasonal Celebration - WorkshopJanet MelroseDecember 56:30-9:00pm$75Register

Earn a Ballot for each talk you come to for your chance to win a grand prize at the end of the year!

Garden Talk Details Below;

Ukulele In The Gardens

So many fun things to look forward to this year! Many dedicated community members are showing interest in developing our community garden activities and offerings. A passionate and practitioner of music in the community was introduced to the Ukulele during a winter outing to Hawaii a few years ago and it has become since then his favorite instrument. Having introduced several friends to the instrument with success, he is interested to expand it’s reach to the community – and what better place than to play than in the beautiful West Hillhurst garden.

Ukulele History; It was until the 1950’s a very popular instrument from schools to retirement houses but went our of fashion with the arrival of rock&roll and electric guitars. Nowadays, the instrument is seeking a resurgence in popularity due to its simplicity, its wast to play, its affordability and its availability to blend into any kind of music, folk music in particular.

No music experience necessary : Contact if you’re interested in this program gardens@westhillhurst.com

What’s Happening in the Garden  

June 3rd with Janet Melrose

  • Thinning and staking
  • Weeding –recognizing early emerging weeds and eliminate perennial weeds;
  • Protecting the soil and plants from the weather
  • Early harvesting & succession planting
  • Bugs and other problems:
  • A match the problem to the cause exercise

 Don’t Forget about the Garden now!  

July 29 with Janet Melrose

  • Water conservation methods: mulching, diffusion watering
  • Urban critter control, including human activities
  • Harvesting- garlic and other mid-season crops
  • Cover crops
  • Early fall crop protection
  • Preventing food crop waste – sharing the bounty


Fall is Coming!  

September 9th with Janet Melrose

  • Seed Saving
  • Protection against frosts and prolonging the harvest including cold frames;
  • Harvesting techniques -simple preserving
  • The composting system

Putting the Garden to bed  

October 14th with Janet Melrose

  • Soil – amending the soil now rather than in the spring,
  • Fall crop planting and seeding: Garlic and seeds
  • Planning for next year: crop rotation, enhancing the garden
  • Leaving the garden looking beautiful and cared for – throughout the winter months


Seasonal Celebration Workshop

winter planter arrangement

December 5th 2017


  • Making a large outdoor arrangement out of seasonal greens and decorating it
  • Care of the arrangement so it lasts into spring
  • Celebrating the year with fellowship
  • Includes all materials and planter