Help to support your community by purchasing a WHCA Family Membership!

Annual Membership Cost: Membership $35.00 (+GST)


Being a member of YOUR WHCA has benefits!

  • Free Member Programs
    Ice Skating
    Tai Chi
    Discounted Fitness Classes
    Monthly Fitness Classes
    Community Garden
    & more!
  • Access to Various Programs for All Ages (Preschoolers to Seniors)
    Educational and Cultural
  • Access for Individuals/Groups to Book Community Centre Space
    External Programs/Activities
    Sports Activities/Leagues
    Parties/Social Events
  • Exclusive Members Only – Access to Health Club Packages
    Squash & Tennis Court bookings
    Fitness Program discounts
    Annual Squash Tournament
  • Connecting with your Community
    Volunteer Opportunities
    Networking, Friendships, Social Connections, Sense of Belonging
    Monthly Community Newsletter and Special Member Email Notices
    Enhanced Quality of Life
    Having a Voice in Improving your Community
  • Planning & Development – Plans and Issues
    Awareness and response to community development and planning proposals in the areas such as community centre, transportation, roads and traffic issues
  • The Opportunity to Demonstrate your Personal Commitment to Building a Safe, Caring and Vibrant Community!
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